1977 A9X Torana Hatchback

The Holden A9X Torana Hatchback has legendary status here in Australia due in part to its success at the hands of 9 times Bathurst Hardie Ferodo 1000 winner Peter Brock. At the time these A9X Torana Hatchback’s were literally unbeatable.
This black beauty is a great example of this iconic Australian muscle car.

1977 A9X Torana Hatchback FAST FACT

The legendary Holden A9X was first introduced here in Australia in August, 1977. This was just prior to the Sandown 500 endurance race. The A9X was basically a “Performance Equipment Package” upgrade available for the LX Torana SL/R and LX Torana SS 5.0 litre 308 V8 engine. General Motors Holden released the A9X option without any real fan far or advertising because the upgrade package was so significant, GMH didn’t want a repeat of the “Super Car” scare of 1972.

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